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Tuition, Fees, Discounts, & Payment Information

Registration Fee (Required for Fall-Spring Session only):

  • $20 per student or $30 per family.

    • The annual registration fee covers non-tuition essentials such as insurance, postage, music licenses, studio communication, administration, and helps keep your monthly tuition costs lower.

    • There is not a registration fee for the Summer Session or 4-6 Week Sessions In Motion offers.



Tuition Pricing per Month (for Fall-Spring Session):

  • 30 min class: $40/month

  • 40 min class: $42/month

  • 50 min class: $44/month

  • 1 hr class:  $46/month

  • 1 hr 10 min class: $48/month

  • 1 hr 20 min class: $50/month

  • 1 hr 30 min class: $52/month

  • Acro Levels 2B -3: $48/month

How Tuition is Calculated:


  • The Fall-Spring Session will consist of 34 weekly lessons from Sept-June. Your tuition amount will be the same each month with the exception of May. Your final payment in May will be discounted two lessons due to having 34 lessons this year, instead of 36. Some months will have as few as 2 weeks, others have as many as 5. You are not paying for scheduled holiday breaks.

  • During the Summer Session, there are a total of 8 classes and payment for entire session is due at time of registration.



Studio Discounts Offered:

  • A family discount is offered for families with multiple children taking dance classes concurrently. First child is normal rate, second child is 10% off, third child is 20% off, etc. Discount is not applicable for extended family relations (i.e., Cousins).

  • The Multiple Class Discount is for students enrolled in 3 or more classes concurrently.

    • 3 classes - 10% off

    • 4 classes - 15 % off

    • 5 classes or more - 20% off

  • Discounts cannot be combined.  Our software will automatically generate the best discount situation based on your current class enrollment.

Payment Policy:

  • Full monthly tuition is withdrawn automatically on the 7th of each month during our Fall-Spring Session. Cash, checks or money orders will be accepted if paid by the 5th of the month. Otherwise, tuition will be automatically charged to the credit card or debit card on file, or withdrawn from a bank account, on the 7th starting in September and ending in May.

  • For our summer session or summer camps, full payment for the class/camp will need paid at time of registration.


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