In Motion Dance Studio Recital Information & Recital Costume Info

Why a Recital?

  • The Recital offers students who take during the Fall-Spring Session, the opportunity to perform for family and friends. The recital is the result of a year's hard work, dedication, and progress and gives students the experience of performing in front of an audience. All classes will perform in two of the Recital performances (Ballet 5 and Seniors will perform in all four performances.)



Recital Info:


  • All students are invited to participate in our annual recital, which will be held at The Ritz Theatre in Tiffin, generally the first weekend in June. We have a total of 4 performances and there are two separate recital shows. Students dancing in Recital #1, dance Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Students dancing in Recital #2, dance Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

  • In early March, the Recital Packet will be handed out to all studio families, which includes all of the information you will need to know about recital. Exp: Recital picture schedule, recital ticket info, rehearsal schedules, recital order, etc...

  • Individual class rehearsals are held at The Ritz Theatre 1-2 weeks before the Recital. Each class will have a 30-minute class rehearsal on stage to help students familiarize themselves with the stage space, formations, entrances, exits, etc.... It is very important students attend their class rehearsals and students should wear regular practice clothes.

  • The Dress Rehearsal is an actual run thru of the recital in full costume and is mandatory. Students wear their costumes to ensure there will be no costume malfunctions on stage. The dress rehearsal also gives those students in multiple dances a good sense of how much time they will have between their dances to change and prepare. Dress Rehearsal for Recital #1 is generally held the Wednesday before recital weekend. Dress rehearsal for Recital #2 is generally held the Thursday before Recital.

  • If a dancer is not able to participate in the annual recital, the parent should contact the main studio office by October 1, to let us know.



Recital Costume:


  • Students will need a recital costume and recital tights for each class they are in for the recital (Ballet 4A, 4B, & 5 will require two). We combine the cost of the recital costume and tights together, to create one lump sum. Parents will make 3 costume deposits over a 3-month period to pay for these items. See Example below:

    • Deposit #1 on October 7 - $27 per costume/class

    • Deposit #2 on November 7 - $27 per costume/class

    • Deposit #3 on December 7 - $27 or less per costume/class


  • Costume/tights payments will be automatically withdrawn from your credit card, debit card, or bank account on the dates listed above. We will accept cash, check, or money orders for costume deposits if paid by the 5th of these months. If unpaid after the 5th, then In Motion will automatically withdraw your costume deposits on the 7th.

  • There are no refunds for costumes once ordered. Costumes are ordered mid-December.



Recital Ticket Information:


  • In Motion uses Dance Recital Ticketing for their annual Recital ticket sells.

  • To purchase tickets for our upcoming recital, please CLICK HERE >>